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Why does ProSouth Pressure Washing use a 2-step process?

The first step involves applying a low PH pre-soak followed by an alkaline based detergent then rinsing the vehicle with a high-pressure rinse to remove road film which is a thin layer of dirt and pollutants that is held to the surface by an electrostatic bond.  2-step removes road film without brushing, which prevents undue wear on your vehicle’s surface, leaving it bright and shiny!  The process we use produces a neutralized, film-free surface that guards against new film buildup longer and results in a cleaner vehicle surface.

Our Cleaning Process
improve your driver retention and reduce the amount of turn over

Our aggressive two-step procedure powerfully removes the toughest road film and is 100% biodegradable and phosphate free. We use two detergents that neutralize each other, so that they return to the environment in a neutral pH state. The environmentally friendly detergents and brighteners we use on all the equipment and fleet vehicles we service has been approved by SC DHEC.
Unlike many other fleet washing vendors, we use the latest chemical technology to provide an excellent clean, defend your fleet from oxidation and corrosion, and conduct ourselves in a thoroughly eco-friendly manner. Our two-step approach also means you benefit from an effective touchless wash, avoiding the scratches and micro abrasions that come with the brush method of cleaning.  The necessity of maintaining a clean fleet is very important for several reasons:

  • It enhances the company’s image
  • Reduces maintenance costs and results in longer asset life
  • Conveys the owner’s maintenance diligence to the DOT resulting in fewer mechanical inspections
  • Driver Pride and improved driver recruitment and retention

Why ProSouth Pressure Washing is the right company for you:

At ProSouth Pressure Washing, we are proud to say that our superior wash services can contribute to the overall good health of a company’s employees as well as the environment.  That is why we provide every wash technician with proper education and training to ensure we are operating in compliance with all environmental regulations and that our business is impacting the environment and our customers in a positive way.
We are members of Power Washers of North America, (PWNA), and have been trained and educated in fleet washing and environmental practices.  We have washed and detailed over 4,000 trucks without incident and have developed long lasting business relationships with satisfied Presidents and fleet managers of major trucking companies.

You can have peace of mind in knowing that when you work with PWNA-certified pressure washers; you’re receiving the highest level of professionalism and value and our training ensures that we will do the job correctly.  When browsing companies, you want to make sure that you contract the most trustworthy, highly-trained, and reliable company to do the job right for you.
At ProSouth Pressure Washing we raise the bar in the pressure washing industry and our name is synonymous with quality. We believe the longevity of our company is through repeat business and referrals and that is why we strive to deliver exceptional service day in and day out by providing our customers the same service we would want to receive.  We exist to provide dependable high quality work that is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you don’t pay us until we know you are completely satisfied with the work!

How often should fleets be maintained?

Some national transportation companies wash as often as two times per week or more.  The average fleet owner washes approximately every other week.  No matter what wash schedule you prefer, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, ProSouth Pressure Washing can maintain your fleets all year round, even in the coldest climates.

Why should I decide to use a mobile fleet washing service?

Company image, regulations, easier maintenance and warranty issues influence the decision for fleet washing.  Public perception is probably the single most motivating factor for fleet washing.  Compare the impression given by a dirty fleet and that of a clean fleet delivering food to your preferred supermarket.  All consumers are easily influenced by visual representations.  Government regulations also effect the cleaning of trucks and trailers.  Transportation of food and food grade materials must meet specified degrees of cleanliness before they can be loaded for shipment.  Petroleum trucking firms must keep all visible signs of hydrocarbons (grease and oils) cleaned from all  visible surfaces to ensure that leaks are not occurring.  Mechanics find it easier to work on a piece of equipment when it is clean because problems are easier to find.  Plus the attitude of drivers is greatly improved when they don’t have to drive a filthy vehicle.

Wash Water Recovery- Are you compliant with the CWA?

Yes.  In order to be compliant with the Clean Water Act, we prevent all wash water from entering a storm drain.  This requires that we reclaim the wash water that would enter the storm drain by using a reclamation system.  In areas where water reclamation is direct to landscaping, ProSouth Pressure Washing has been granted permission and authorization through the local Environmental Health Department.  This means that terminal mangers and fleet owners can rest assured that they are hiring a company that is in compliance with all Federal and State regulations as it pertains to the EPA and Clean Water Act.  We obtain any necessary permits with our municipality, we are insured for 2 million in general liability, carry workers compensation, bonded and have been entrusted with over 4,000 truck washes and details.

Efficient cleaning process - How will your service save me money?

The Key to an Overall Efficient Wash is as follows:

  • Having the proper detergent
  • Knowing the water hardness of the water you are using
  • The correct water temperature
  • Proper dwell time of the detergent on the surface
  • Ensuring the detergent doesn’t dry during the wash process
  • An efficient method for applying & rinsing off the detergent

If you have never had a wash service and “do it yourself” then consider the cost and savings that comes from increased productivity.  Consider a driver that is paid 17.00 per hour and that driver spends approximately 30 minutes to wash a tractor.  This would cost you 10.00 including payroll taxes.  Add in the expense of soaps and chemicals, which cost about $3 to $5 a gallon.  Remember that a truck driver is not concerned with the use of soap and will probably use about 1/2 gallon to do a tractor.

Most fleet owners waste thousands every year on fleet washing — don’t be one of them.

Consider the following:
Employee hourly wage: $15.00
Hours Spent washing each truck: .75
Trucks in fleet: 25
Chemical Cost per gallon: $8.00
Washing Frequency (Washes per year): 26

Your Company’s current cost per fleet wash would be as follows:
Labor subtotal based on standard tax & insurance rates: $352
Chemical subtotal based upon standard chemical usage rate: $150
Equipment Maintenance subtotal based upon standard power usage and repair cost: $263
Revenue subtotal based on trucks not being utilized: $1,013
Your company cost per fleet washing: $1,778
Your Company costs per year: $46,228.00

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 Your fleet vehicles are billboards on wheels, promoting your organization’s name wherever it goes. When you need reputable, environmentally responsible cleaning professionals to help you present a positive image of your company, you can depend on ProSouth Pressure Washing for your fleet washing and detailing needs in Charlotte, NC as well as Lexington and Columbia, SC.  Our pressure washing services will make your fleet outshine the rest, while enabling you to avoid products that contain hydrofluoric, phosphoric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids.

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Smart fleet owners are saving money by dropping the expensive off site wash bay services and calling on our Pros with the hose!

Why ProSouth Pressure Washing is the Right Company for you

  • Excellent Service Promise and Satisfaction Guarantee – You don’t pay until the job is done to your satisfaction
  • The fleet wash products we use contain no phosphates, butyls, phenols or solvents & are biodegradable
  • We provide the most environmentally friendly way for washing fleets
  • Our products removes calcium, lime scale and silica deposits
  • DHEC Approved – neutral on PH scale
  • Educated, Trained and Certified in Fleet Washing through Power Washers of North America
  • Accredited Business through the Better Business Bureau and Rated A+
  • Over 4,000 trucks washed and detailed for satisfied clients
  • Fully insured, bonded and mobile

We Can Service Your Entire Fleet Inside and Out—We also provide interior detailing, trailer washing and yard cleaning services.  

If you have a need that includes cab interior cleanings, ProSouth Pressure Washing can help!
It is more cost-effective to keep the drivers in your workforce content than to interview, hire and train a new one. Driver shortages have been a hot topic among fleet managers and across the transportation industry. One of most important lessons that transportation managers have learned is that drivers don’t leave their jobs. They leave their working conditions.
By implementing practices that create a positive work culture and make drivers feel valued for their contributions, you’ll reduce employee turnover rates and maximize the company’s full potential.   Provide your drivers with a positive workplace environment and comfortable driving conditions that include fleet washing and detailing services from ProSouth Pressure Washing.

Our fleet detailing services include:
Removing all the trash and dirt from the floor of the cab, scrubbing the cab floor to a shine, wiping down the dashboard and instrument panel, applying Armour All to vinyl and rubber surfaces and cleaning the glass

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“The Roughest, Toughest. Grime Fighters of the South!”

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: You don’t pay until we finish the job and you’re satisfied.  We protect your investment and save you valuable time!

Why Hire our Pros:

When browsing companies, you want to make sure that you contact the most trustworthy, highly-trained, and reliable company to do the job right for you.

Fleet owners and managers can feel secure when selecting ProSouth Pressure Washing LLC as their wash vendor. We operate in a professional manner and we are extremely careful, and conscientious. If anything unexpected does occur, we are fully insured for two million dollars. Your vehicles are in good hands with ProSouth Fleet Washing.

We offer competitive rates and scheduled service contracts. Our goal is to establish a relationship with fleet owners that will last year after year.

With our experience, training, and commitment, we will get the job done right the first time, and every time we arrive on your site. We guarantee it!

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Our Fleet Washing Services

  • We eliminate the use of brushes which cause micro abrasions when attempting to remove and break the tough bond of road film from painted surfaces.
  • We use a two step procedure with the latest chemical technology that provides an excellent clean while defending fleets by reducing oxidation and preventing corrosion damage which is commonly caused by salt and liquid chlorides.
  • We offer yard cleaning, exterior truck and trailer washing and tractor interior detailing and have been entrusted with over 4,000 truck washes and interior details by leaders in the trucking industry
  • We carry above and beyond the necessary General Liability & Worker’s Compensation insurance and will provide the company with a Certificate of Insurance naming their company as an additional insured.
  • We use the best in detergents that have been reviewed and approved by DHEC when water reclamation cannot occur (terminals that have no pavement where trucks are parked and is mostly dirt and gravel)
  • Convenient wash service scheduling – daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly wash services
  • Accredited and rated A+ with the better business Bureau
  • Members of Power Washers of North America (PWNA)